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Genetically Guided Nutrition
We are now living in the new era of Genetics and Personalized health. GeneWize Life Sciences brings you the benefits of sixteen years of scientific research. Using a personal DNA test, GeneWize analyzes your unique genetic code and custom creates a nutritional supplement formula JUST FOR YOU.

In August 2008, GeneWize made history by successfully launching the first DNA based customized nutritional supplement.

Through advancements in science and manufacturing, GeneWize is able to efficiently and affordably create custom health, beauty and wellness products based on your DNA and your own choices.

A DNA Customized Nutritional Supplement
Once your DNA is assessed, a custom formula with ingredients shown to have positive affects on the expression of key genes is created. A unique manufacturing facility actually customizes your formula from one of over 544,000 possible combinations and makes it fresh each month for a truly customized nutritional health supplement.

90 Day Guarantee

GeneWize provides a 90 day money back guarantee to our customers and affiliates.

The GeneWize LifeMap Me™ Nutritional Supplement Features

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