The GeneWize Opportunity
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It's All About Timing

Imagine if you had had the opportunity to invest in E-bay, Google or Facebook at the very beginning. Your lifestyle would be quite different right now. You now have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with an amazing new opportunity - GeneWize Life Sciences.GeneWize Life Sciences is wholly owned by GeneLink Inc., a 16 year old publicly traded company. Established in 1994, GeneLink has emerged from its R & D phase and is now providing its technologies to GeneWize Life Sciences in a new Direct Sales subsidiary. You have the opportunity to profit by helping to introduce this innovative and customized product that will revolutionize the health, beauty, and wellness industry to the market place.This is a real opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new and innovative company. 

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When you start a new business, you will want to work with a proven leader experienced in direct sales and network marketing.  When you join my team, you will be joining a leader with over 5 years of successful direct sales experience.  My websites and blog posts have received page 1 ranking in Google, and I will teach you how to generate your own leads and market your business.  To join my team, visit my website or call: 888-404-8363.

Enroll 4 and Pay No More
As a GeneWize distributor, you have the opportunity to receive your product at a discount and even for free.  Receive a 10% discount when you enroll your first customer or distributor, 25% for your second enrollment, 50% for your third, and when you have enrolled your fourth, your own product is free.

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Start your own business for as little as $79 with our basic affiliate kit.  All business kits contain include the Getting Started Guide, DNA Collection Kits, DVDs, brochures, flyers, basic website and back office, and a free trial of the MyGeneWize Premium Marketing website and more.  You will also receive one-on-one mentoring from a 2 star affiliate.

Choose from our flagship, body, and premier business kits which contain product to get your business off to a quick start.

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