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Formulated in consultation with a pediatrician and expert on teen nutrition and skin care and our scientific staff, the GeneWize YGLT™ (You're Gonna Love This) products provide evidence-based, targeted nutrition for ages 11 - 17.

LifeMap YGLT™ "Good Stuff for Your Body" Nutrition for Teens offers your 11-17 year olds a simple way to get the nutrition their bodies need to stay healthy, have the necessary building blocks to promote strong bone growth, enjoy clear pimple and acne free skin, and helps support academic and athletic performance.

LifeMap YGLT™ Nutrition by GeneWize contains vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts including the superfruits, antioxidants and bioactive compounds that enhance cellular function at the DNA level.

Finally, clear skin without harsh chemicals. The harsh chemicals in most anti-acne products can actually dry and damage the skin. LifeMap YGLT™ serum has the four most powerful all-natural and organic active ingredients available, along with other organic compounds that are designed to reduce the incidence of acne, minimize its effect, and promote healthy, clear skin. LifeMap YGLT™ can help teenagers and adults get rid of acne and pimples and feel more confident in the process.

LifeMap YGLT™ Skin Clearing Therapy:
LifeMap YGLT™ Nutrition:
Please note that although the LifeMap YGLT™ nutritional supplements are designed and targeted for teens, the Skin Clearing Serum can be used by both teens and adults. Both products come with a 30 day guarantee.

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