GeneWize DNA Customized Skin Care
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The quality of your skin care begins with insturctions sent from your DNA.  Your DNA is unique and so is the way your skin reacts to nutrients in off-the-shelf skin care products. 

Peek into your DNA and see the potential future of your skin.  Defy the genes that age you and enhance the genes that give you vibrant, firm, and youthful skin with a nutrient-rich formula created just for your skin's genetic needs.

You're One of a Kind, Your Skin Care Should Be Too

Begin your skin care regime with our DNA Customized Skin Repair Serum.  LifeMap Me™ is made exclusively for you based on an analysis of your DNA.  It is made up of 100% natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, parabens, or petroleum.  The serum is rich in anti-oxidants, contains superfruits and skin health vitamins, and 100% natural activies and has benn clinically proven,  through third party validated double blind test studies, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness .  The serum is suitable for women, men, and all skin types.

For a total skin care program and to optimize the results of our GeneWize DNA Customized Skin Repair serum, choose additional products from the GeneWize Skin Care System.  Prep and hydrate your skin with our prepping wash, GeneWize Cleanse.

Our Daytime Moisturizer - GeneWize Day contains DNA supportive actives and protects against UV damage, stretches and smooths skin, reduces wrinkles, and provides a lifting effect.

Continue your treatment at night with our DNA Damage Reversing Night time treatment - GeneWize Night.  This product speeds up cell turnover to reveal younger skin, reverses DNA damage overnight, and stimulates skin regeneration.

A common problem as we age or just don't get enough sleep is darkness and puffiness under the eyes.  GeneWize DNA Customized Eye Repair is designed to reduce darkness, puffiness and lines under the eyes and contains actives added based on your DNA blueprint.  Using GeneWize DNA Customized Eye Repair, 95% reported a positive effect after 28 days of treatment. 

If you suffer from red irritated and dry skin and cracks on your hands and feet, you will want to add our DNA Customized Hand & Heel Repair - GeneWize Hand & Heel.     GeneWize Hand & Heel has been clinically proven to promote microcirculation to quicken the healing time of red, irritated, and dry skin and contains actives based on your genetic needs to further reduce oxidative stress and quicken turnaround in cracks and dry skin.
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