DNA customized nutrition for you testimonials
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Testimonials from athletes attending the GeneWize Super Bowl Event:

According to Stephanie Miner, head of the GeneWize Sports Health Advisory Council, who attended the event:

"My husband played for the Boston Celtics, and like many other Athletes, he was approached to try different products all the time. It was gratifying to see the NFL Players actually getting excited about OUR product! They found the idea of Genetically Guided Nutrition based on their own DNA fascinating. Everyone is excited about receiving their Healthy Aging Assessment™ and getting on our amazing product."

Here is another testimonial from an athlete, former LA Raider and 1992 Olympic Bobsled team member, Gregory Harrell:

"I was very excited to receive my Healthy Aging DNA assessment along with the LifeMap Custom supplements, which I've been taking now for about five months. One of the first changes I noticed was that my knees don't ache anymore after my daily run. My late night craving for sweets is gone; I feel more rested in the daytime and have more energy because I'm sleeping through the night. This is truly an awesome product."

And yet another sports testimonial by Tony Chung, Former World Martial Arts Council World Champion 1997:

"I have never performed at this level, on any nutritional program I've been on in the past, even with the assistance of a nutritionist. I totally believe in the LifeMap Nutrition™. It has changed my life as far as my health is concerned. After looking deeper into the company, I am certain it will change my financial future as well."

You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from the GeneWize LifeMap Nutrition program. Now you can have a nutritional supplement specially customized for you and based on a confidential assessment of your DNA.
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