Question: What Is The Best Mercedes SUV To Buy?

What SUV has the most luxurious interior?

2019 Audi Q7 Prestige.

Overall Score: 8.5/10 | Starting Price: $53,550.

2019 Audi Q7 Prestige.

Interior Score: 8.1/10.

2019 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid.

Overall Score: 8.2/10 | Starting Price: $79,900.

2019 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid.

Interior Score: 7.4/10.

2019 BMW X1.

2019 BMW X1.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.More items…•.

Which Mercedes SUV is most reliable?

Most Reliable: Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class Formerly known as the GLK, the GLC-Class is the only Merc on the list. Available in both traditional and “coupe” layouts, with a range of engines from an efficient four-banger to a raucous, twin-turbocharged V6, the GLC-Class has a variant to suit just about everybody.

Which is better GLC or GLE?

Engine: The GLC SUV houses a 241-hp 2.0L turbo inline-4 engine that outputs 273 lb-ft of torque. The GLE SUV houses a 255-hp 2.0L turbo inline-4 that outputs 273 lb-ft of torque. Fuel Economy: Compared to the GLE, the GLC is the more efficient; it earns an EPA-estimated 22 mpg city/27 mpg highway.

Why are Mercedes so unreliable?

One of the main reasons that Mercedes and other premium brands have been awarded poor reliability scores is down to the fact that they include a great deal of new technology, which means that there is a lot more that can go wrong.

Which SUV is better Lexus or Mercedes?

Lexus vehicles do offer better reliability, more standard safety features, more hybrid models, and lower prices on average. … However, by every other measure, from cabin quality to performance, and across most vehicle segments, Mercedes is superior. That makes it the better overall luxury brand of the two.

What is the best all around mid size SUV?

10 Best Midsize SUVs for 2020: Reviews, Photos, and MoreDodge Journey.Nissan Murano.Jeep Grand Cherokee.Ford Edge.Toyota 4Runner.Toyota Highlander.Hyundai Santa Fe.Kia Sorento.More items…•

What is the best American made SUV to buy?

The Best American-Made SUVsJeep Cherokee.Jeep Grand Cherokee.Ford Expedition.Ford Explorer.Buick Enclave.Cadillac XT5.Chevrolet Traverse.GMC Acadia.More items…•

What is the quietest and smoothest riding SUV?

The 10 Quietest SUVs2017 Lincoln MKX. … 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. … 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. … 2016 GMC Yukon. … 2017 Honda Pilot. … 2017 Ford Flex. … 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. … 2017 Acura RDX. The 2017 Acura RDX closes out our list of the quietest SUVs by coming with the brand’s Active Sound Control technology.More items…

What is the best SUV to buy in 2020?

Best New SUVs and Crossovers of 2020Mid-Size: Honda Passport. … Mid-Size: Volkswagen Atlas. … Mid-Size: Jeep Wrangler. … Mid-Size Luxury: Porsche Cayenne. … Mid-Size Luxury: BMW X5. … Large Luxury: BMW X7. … Full-Size: Chevrolet Suburban. … Full-Size: Nissan Armada.More items…•

What is the top rated SUV for 2019?

Top Expert Rated SUVS of 20192019 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupe. View full gallery. … 2019 Audi SQ5. View full gallery. … 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. View full gallery. … 2019 MAZDA CX-5. View full gallery. … 2019 Audi Q7. View full gallery. … 2019 Audi Q5. View full gallery. … 2019 Ford Expedition. View full gallery. … 2019 Ford Expedition MAX. View full gallery.More items…

What is the best SUV to buy for your money?

2020 Best SUVs for the MoneyKia Soul: Best Subcompact SUV for the Money.Honda CR-V: Best Compact SUV for the Money.Hyundai Santa Fe: Best 2-Row SUV for the Money.Kia Sorento: Best 3-Row SUV for the Money.Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Best Hybrid and Electric SUV for the Money.

Are Mercedes reliable after 100k miles?

Mercedes = very expensive to repair and maintain. Over 100,000 miles even worse. Also it depends on the price of the car and the depth of your wallet. … Owned many Mercedes.. the only models over 100K are the S class, SL and CL series and they all hold their resale values extremely well.

What is the best luxury SUV for the money?

The Best Luxury SUVs of 20202020 Lincoln Navigator: $75,825 | U.S. News Score: 8.8/10.2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: $124,500 | U.S. News Score: 8.2/10.2020 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid | $86,400 | U.S. News Score: 8.4/10.2020 Jaguar I-Pace: $69,850 | U.S. News Score: 8.3/10.2019 Audi e-tron: $74,800 | U.S. News Score: 8.2/10.More items…•

What SUV has the smoothest ride?

Subaru CrosstrekSubaru Crosstrek – $22,870 If you’re in search of the most well-rounded subcompact SUV, the Subaru Crosstrek is it. Secure handling, a smooth ride, excellent fuel economy, and a spacious interior make the Crosstrek a great all-around vehicle, especially with its standard all-wheel-drive system.

What is the best SUV for the money?

10 Best SUVs for the Money2020 Honda CR-V.2020 Subaru Outback.2020 Kia Telluride.2020 Dodge Durango.2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250.2020 Tesla Model Y.2020 Acura MDX.2020 Audi Q7.More items…•

What is the top rated midsize SUV for 2020?

Best Midsize SUVs for 2020#1 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe.#2 2020 Hyundai Palisade.#2 2020 Kia Telluride.#4 2020 Mazda CX-9.#5 2020 Kia Sorento.#5 2020 Dodge Durango.#7 2020 Buick Enclave.#7 2021 Chevrolet Traverse.

Which is the best Mercedes SUV?

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class While the Macan is the best example of a sporty compact luxury SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class is the epitome of style and comfort.

Which SUVs hold their value?

10 Best SUVs And Crossovers For Holding Their ValueJeep Wrangler Unlimited (30.0 Percent)Jeep Wrangler (31.5 Percent) … Toyota 4Runner (36.5 Percent) … Toyota RAV4 (44.6 Percent) … Toyota Highlander (44.6 Percent) … Honda CR-V (44.9 Percent) … Mercedes-Benz G-Class (45.2 Percent) … Mercedes-AMG G-Class (45.9 Percent) … More items…•