Quick Answer: How Many Sides Does A Polygon With 20 Diagonals Have?

How many vertices would a 20 sided polygon have?

20 verticesA 20-sided polygon has 20 vertices.

The diagonals can be counted as AB , AC , AD , …, BC , BD , BE , …, ST , the combination of choosing 2 points from 20 vertices, or 20C2=(202) ..

How many diagonals does a 6 sided polygon have?

Classifying PolygonsPolygon NameNumber of SidesNumber of DiagonalsQuadrilateral42Pentagon55Hexagon69Heptagon7147 more rows•Jul 18, 2012

What polygon has 4 sides?

Four-Sided Polygons – Quadrilaterals The term tetragon is consistent with polygon, pentagon etc. You may come across it occasionally, but it is not commonly used in practice. The family of quadrilaterals includes the square, rectangle, rhombus and other parallelograms, trapezium/trapezoid and kite.

How many diagonals does a 30 sided polygon have?


What is a 19 sided shape called?

EnneadecagonIn geometry an enneadecagon or enneakaidecagon or 19-gon is a nineteen-sided polygon.

What is a 1000 sided shape called?

chiliagonIn geometry, a chiliagon (/ˈkɪliəɡɒn/) or 1000-gon is a polygon with 1,000 sides.

How many diagonals are there in a polygon of 20 sides?

170In a 20-sided polygon, the total diagonals are = 20(20-3)/2 = 170. But, since one vertex does not send any diagonals, the diagonals by that vertex needs to be subtracted from the total number of diagonals. In a polygon, it is known that each vertex makes (n-3) diagonals.

How many diagonals does an N sided polygon have?

The number of diagonals in a polygon = n(n-3)/2, where n is the number of polygon sides. For a convex n-sided polygon, there are n vertices, and from each vertex you can draw n-3 diagonals, so the total number of diagonals that can be drawn is n(n-3).

How many diagonals does a polygon with 10 sides have?

35 diagonals1. How many diagonals of a regular decagon (a 10 sided polygon) are not parallel to any of the sides (AMC12)? A decagon has (10 2) – 10 = 35 diagonals. Each pair of opposing sides has three diagonals which are parallel to them, so 5*3 = 15 of the diagonals are parallel to a side.

How many sides are there of a polygon has 54 diagonals?

12 sidesThus for given number of 54 diagonals, the number of sides are 12 ( Arrived at after substituting values for diagonals in the above mentioned formulae and simplifying.) The polygon which has 12 sides is called Dodecagon.

How many diagonals does a 9 sided polygon have?

6 diagonalsSince there are 9 vertices in all, that’s a total of 9 – 3 = 6 diagonals we can draw: Since there are nine vertices, we should be able to do this nine times, right?

What is 20 sided polygon called?

icosagonIn geometry, an icosagon or 20-gon is a twenty-sided polygon. The sum of any icosagon’s interior angles is 3240 degrees.