Quick Answer: Is Airtel SIM Free?

What is the cost of Airtel SIM?

An Airtel SIM card costs ₹50-100, some vendors may charge more.

Swapping a 3G SIM to a 4G SIM is free..

How can I get Airtel 4g sim online?

How does it work?UPGRADE TO A 4G PHONE. Airtel 2G/3G phone users can upgrade to any 4G phone (new or old)CALL 51111. Simply call at 51111 and your offer request will get registered with us.FREE DATA. FREE data offer will be activated for eligible customers within 24 hours.

What is the cost of Airtel 4g sim?

Airtel 4g Data Mobile Recharge PlansPriceValidityDescriptionRs. 9828 days3G/4G Data: 6 GBRs. 4828 days3G/4G Data: 3 GBRs. 9918 days3G/4G Data: 1 GB — Local, STD & Roaming Calls: Unlimited — SMS: 100 SMSRs. 4928 days3G/4G Data: 100 MB — Talktime: Rs.38.52 — Pack validity 28 days16 more rows

How much does it cost to get a new SIM?

Bought this to try out T-Mobile coverage. I started a minimal account for $3 per month using this SIM card. The plan includes 30 minutes of talk or 30 text messages for that price….Top Selected Products and Reviews.List Price:$9.99Price:$7.93You Save:$2.06 (21%)

Can we get Airtel sim online?

Customers can purchase Airtel, Vodafone and international travel SIM cards from Amazon. Moreover, the online retailer will deliver the SIM card to your doorstep within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

Can I buy Airtel SIM card online?

Buy new Airtel Prepaid Sim Card Online. Airtel has announced a new service, now you can buy new Airtel Prepaid 4G SIM card online at the comfort of your home. Now there’s no need to visit Airtel store to get new prepaid Airtel SIM card or to port to Airtel.

What are the plans in Airtel?

Airtel Plans 2020: List of prepaid plans, offers, price, data, validityRecharge PlanData BenefitCallingRs 4492GB per DayUnlimitedRs 5583GB per DayUnlimitedRs 5981.5GB per DayUnlimitedRs 6982GB per DayUnlimited16 more rows•May 22, 2020

Which network is best in my area?

Tiktik is a free app that finds the best networks in your area.It uses data from the TRAI Myspeed app.The app is well designed and easy to use.

How can I get free 4g Sim in Airtel?

Just follow the easy steps below and own a Airtel 4G SIM without much efforts.Visit Airtel Website to request a new 4G SIM.Enter your name, mobile number, and address in that page.Click on “Send Me a 4G SIM” button and you’re done.You’ll be contacted by Airtel related to your SIM request.

Can I order a new SIM card online?

To get a replacement SIM card for an existing line on your account you can: Order online through My Verizon, the My Verizon app or our Live Chat. The SIM card will be sent to your postal mailing address.

What is the best data plan in Airtel?

Here’s a list of Airtel 4G Data Plans with price ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 2249….Airtel 4G Data Plans & Recharge Offers List.Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)3 GB 3G / 4G Data Pack28 days48Combo Topup – Rs. 38.52 Talktime28 days491 GB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack24 days129Combo Topup – Rs. 64.0 Talktime28 days796 more rows

Which dongle is best?

Check out our list of the best wifi dongles and offers on Jio wifi hotspot….List of Best WiFi Hotspot in IndiaAirtel 4G Portable Wifi Hotspot. … Jio-Fi Portable Hotspot. … Huawei E8372 Unlocked 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Wingle. … Reliance Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot.

Which is the best SIM card in the world?

If you’re looking for calls, texts, and data almost anywhere you’re likely to go, OneSIM is our top pick overall. The company has been around for a long time, and offers free incoming calls in most of the world and free incoming texts everywhere. As with most international SIMs, casual data rates are expensive.

Is Airtel 4g sim free?

You can get the airtel 4g sim for free, or you can upgrade your existing sim to the latest 4g sim. You can get the sim from a nearby shop but it may cost you, so I recommend you to order it online(no delivery cost as well) or you can get it from an airtel outlet or centres.

What should I do if my Airtel SIM is not showing?

Re: Airtel sim suddenly stopped workingRemove the SIM card & restart the device, when this occurs, the phone will re-establish the connection to the network.Try different carrier SIM cards.Tap on Settings>>Backup & reset>>Network settings reset>>Reset settings.More items…•

How can I get free Airtel SIM?

SMS SIM <20 digit sim number> from your existing airtel connection to 121….Get a Free 4G SIM Card from Airtel at your Home.Go to the Airtel Page by clicking HERE. … Select your city. … Fill all details correctly.Click get 4G to complete the registration.

Why is my Airtel SIM not working?

Tap on Settings>>Backup & reset>>Network settings reset>>Reset settings. … Once your phone comes out of the Airplane mode, it will try and search for the networks again. 6. Check The SIM Card: Sometimes, when the SIM card is not inserted properly, you may find a problem of no signal or an error showing up on your screen.

What should I do if my Airtel network is not coming?

If other airtel numbers also do not get signal there willbe issue with signal coverage. If others are getting a good signal in their airtel sim, try switching off and on your mobile. Try manually seleting the network. Go to settings ->network selection -> manually select airtel.

What should I do if my Airtel Internet is not working?

Open Network website will allow you to check network coverage in your area and is a platform to raise network related concerns. For any other service query related to bill payments, data plans, etc., we request you to call 121, write in to 121@in.airtel.com or visit an Airtel store.

Is Airtel or Jio better?

NEW DELHI: According to a study, in terms of service quality of mobile networks, Bharti Airtel has outperformed its rivals, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio, in four out of five metrics. … Jio was also behind top speeds of download for Airtel (7.4 Mbps) and upload speed of Vodafone Idea (3.7 Mbps).

Who Sim is best?

The 8 Best Mobile SIM Networks In India 2020Airtel. Airtel s the largest mobile network provider in the country, having over 300 million subscribers. … Vodafone. Vodafone is the network provider that I currently use. … Idea Cellular. … Jio. … BSNL. … Reliance Communications. … Tata DoCoMo. … MTNL.