What Included In A Travelodge Room?

Can you drink Travelodge tap water?

Once you’ve done that, our tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

Don’t put the milk in before you take the tea bag out though or you’ll die..

Are you allowed takeaway in hotel?

Food is usually OK to bring into hotel room if it’s not too messy and / or smelly. There will propably be a kettle, tea, coffee, mugs, teaspoons, but no other crockery or cutlery, so make sure you bring your own, whether metal / camping from home or disposable from take away place.

How big is a Travelodge room?

On average, each bedroom equates to approximately 300 sq ft GIA, inclusive of circulation space. Our absolute minimum requirement is for 20 bedrooms. Travelodge does not have a standard footprint, nor a minimum or maximum number of bedrooms per floor.

What comes in a Travelodge room?

Our standard rooms Every double and family room has a comfy king size Dreamer™ bed, complete with a cosy duvet and four plump pillows. Our rooms also have ensuite shower rooms, a spacious desk, a TV with freeview and WiFi. Enjoy complimentary hair and body wash and coffee and tea making facilities.

What is a Travelodge Super room?

Travelodge has introduced a new “Super room” category in selected properties, featuring more stylish décor and extra amenities. … Rooms come with Lavazza coffee machines, open-plan wardrobe areas with a drawer, iron and ironing boards, hairdryers by full-length mirrors, and more powerful showerheads.

Can you take food to your room in Travelodge?

Yes. The room is your to do as you please. … Hi you can take food to your room and you can get food yourself in the bar at the hotel, breakfast at the hotel is buffet style and excellent.

Do Travelodge rooms have a hair dryer?

Do Travelodge provide hair dryers and irons? Yes, if you require either of these during your stay, just ask reception. Please note that they are available on a first come, first served basis. Guests staying in one of our SuperRooms™ are provided with a powerful hair dryer, iron and ironing board.

Do you get free breakfast at Travelodge?

Free Breakfast. One breakfast will be discounted per room per night. If a room is booked for more than one adult occupant, the one free breakfast per room per night will only be discounted if the other adult occupants in the room have booked his/her breakfast on our website.

Can I pay cash at Travelodge?

You must be able to show photo identification (a driver’s licence, passport or national ID card) and a valid credit or debit card if you are paying by cash for a pay on arrival or walk-in booking at a Travelodge hotel.

Can you sleep 5 in a Travelodge?

The official Travelodge terms of occupancy state that you can use a Travelodge family room for 5 if it’s 2 adults, 2 children (under 16) and 1 baby in a cot. Anything other combination is not allowed, not without being sneaky.

Do Travelodge rooms have towels?

Do Travelodge provide toiletries? Every room is set up with a fresh set of white towels (including bath and hand towels) with more towels available from reception if you require. Hand, hair and body wash are provided, but we advise you to bring conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste as these aren’t available.

Are there fridges in Travelodge rooms?

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately we don’t have neither fridges nor microwaves in the rooms. If it’s the case of storage of medicine, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate that specific request.