Where Is 9 Hours Behind GMT?

Where is the biggest time difference?

The greatest difference is actually 26 hours between the Line Islands and the Howland Islands.

The world’s time zones are defined by country boundaries, and the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) designates how many hours ahead or behind a country is in relation to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)..

What timezone is 9 hours ahead of PST?

Alpha Time Zone is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight TimeAPDT14:006:0015:007:0016:008:0017:009:0044 more rows

What country is 24 hours behind of USA?

Short answer: no country is 24 hours ahead of the United States. It’s difficult to answer because the U.S. covers many time zones. What point in the U.S. are you referring to? Hawaii is ten hours behind Greenwich mean time.

What’s the biggest time difference from the UK?

That’s because Howland island is GMT-12 hrs and Line islands is GMT+14 hrs. From Wikipedia, search International Date Line. The greatest year-round time difference is 26 hours, between Baker and Howland Islands (UTC-12) and the Line Islands of Kiribati (UTC+14).

What time zone is a day ahead?

Central Time ZoneTraversable in either direction. So the zone furthest ahead, to the east of the Eastern Time Zone, is 23 hours ahead of it — the Central Time Zone. Central Time is either 1 hour behind Eastern — or it is 1 day behind and 23 hours ahead.

What time zone is +9?

GMT+9 timing GMT+09 is a time offset that adds 9 hours to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is observed in the EIT, JST, KST, PWT, TLT, WIT, YAKT during standard time, and in the CHOST, ULAST during the other months (Daylight saving time).

What countries are 9 hours ahead?

Standard TimeJapan Time (JST)Russia time zone 8 – Yakutsk Time.North Korea (KST)South Korea (KST)Irian Jiya, Maluku and Papua (Indonesia)Democratic Republic of Timor Leste.

What time zone is the most behind?

The Republic of Kiribati’s Line Islands, which have a time zone of +14 hours UTC, are on the far east of the earth. These two places, therefore, have the biggest time difference of 26 hours.

Which country time zone is first?

On November 2, 1868, the then British colony of New Zealand officially adopted a standard time to be observed throughout the colony, and was the first country to do so. It was based on the longitude 172°30′ East of Greenwich, that is 11 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT. This standard was known as New Zealand Mean Time.

What is GMT time now in USA?

Time zones in the United States of AmericaTime ZoneAbbreviationGMT = 12.00 pmEastern Standard TimeEST07:00 amCentral Standard TimeCST06:00 amMountain Standard TimeMST05:00 amPacific Standard TimePST04:00 am3 more rows

What time is it everywhere in the world right now?

Current Local Times Around the WorldCurrent Local Times Around the World Sort By: City Country Time Cities Shown: Capitals (215) Most Popular (143) Popular (356) Somewhat Popular (469) Extended ListAtlanta *Tue 8:18 pmAucklandWed 12:18 pmBaghdadWed 3:18 amBangaloreWed 5:48 am139 more rows

What is the biggest time difference in the US?

The maximum time difference between U.S. states is six hours. That is the difference between Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT; UTC-4) and Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST; UTC-10). 17 U.S. states are at least partially on EDT from March to November.

What countries are 9 hours ahead of UK?

Time Differences UK/AustraliaNew South Wales Victoria Australian Capital Territory Tasmania9 hours ahead of the UKSouth Australia8.5 hours aheadQueensland9 hours aheadNorthern Territory8.5. hours aheadWestern Australia7 hours ahead

Which country is GMT?

It is a term commonly used in the United Kingdom and countries of the Commonwealth, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malaysia; and in many other countries of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Why is Malaysia GMT 8?

In 1981, Malaysia declared that West Malaysia would move their clocks ahead by 30 minutes to match the time in East Malaysia (8 hours ahead of GMT). … These pragmatic reasons explain why Singapore time is 8 hours ahead of GMT despite our geographical location.

Which country is the most ahead in time?

The International Date Line passes through the Line Islands. The Line Islands that are part of Kiribati are in the world’s farthest forward time zone, UTC+14:00. The time of day is the same as in the U.S. state of Hawaii, but the date is one day ahead.

What country sees 2020 first?

Happy New Year to Samoa and Christmas Island in Kiribati – the first places in the world to enter 2020. As it hit 10am in the UK, those in the South Pacific officially welcomed in the new decade.

Is Australia a day behind America?

In reality, Australia (Sydney, specifically) is about 16 hours ahead of the Western US, and about 13 hours ahead of the Eastern US. And that’s traveling East. What makes it seem like they’re a day ahead is because of that time difference. … Australia is on one side, and the US is on the other.

Where is 8 hours behind GMT?

UTC/GMT-8 is 8 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). USA and Canada have the GMT/UTC minus 8 hours offset when Daylight Saving Time is NOT in use.

Which country is GMT +8?

Time zones around the worldCountryISO country codeTime zone, GMT +/- hrs (min difference when > one)ArgentinaARG-3ArmeniaARM4AustraliaAUS8AustriaAUT1147 more rows•Sep 14, 2009

Is Australia in front or behind UK?

Time Differences UK/AustraliaNew South Wales Victoria Australian Capital Territory Tasmania9 hours ahead of the UKSouth Australia8.5 hours aheadQueensland9 hours aheadNorthern Territory8.5. hours aheadWestern Australia7 hours ahead