Which Payment Gateway Does Amazon Use?

How does Amazon payment gateway work?

Payment gateways process credit card payments and other forms of internet transactions, in a secured format via any website or web-enabled device.

They facilitate these transactions by transferring critical information between payment portals and the front-end processor, which is usually a bank..

Which payment gateway should I use?

And if you decide to go the gateway route, you’re going to come across Stripe and Paypal again and again. There are plenty of other payment gateways out there such as Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Braintree (owned by Paypal), but Stripe and PayPal are by far two of the easiest ones to use.

What is the best payment gateway for ecommerce?

Best Payment Gateways for Dropshipping StoresPayPal. PayPal is the most commonly used payment gateway for ecommerce stores. … Stripe. Stripe is a US-based payment gateway that’s available in more than 25 countries. … 2Checkout. … Authorize.net. … Skrill. … Wepay. … Google Checkout. … ApplyPay.

Where all Amazon pay can be used?

Amazon Pay balance can be used to buy anything from over 3 crore products on Amazon.in and partner websites & apps except for Amazon Global Store items, Amazon.in Gift Cards and precious jewelry.