Which Salary Account Is Better HDFC Or Icici?

Is Icici better than HDFC?

HDFC Bank is much better than ICICI Bank.

HDFC bank is very professional as compared to ICICI .

Otherwise ICICI BANK account is good..

Which HDFC account is best?

HDFC Bank Savings Account Interest Rates & Minimum Balance Required Updated on 2019Types of Savings AccountInterest RateMinimum Balance RequiredKids Advantage Account4.00%INR 5,000Senior Citizens Account4.00%INR 5,000Family Savings Group Account4.00%INR 40,000Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account4.00%Not Required5 more rows

Which is better SBI or HDFC?

This is despite the fact that SBI’s balance sheet is four times larger than HDFC Bank, has 10 times more customers, and is owned by the government of India….BankMarket capitalisation as of May 4State Bank of India₹1.6 lakh croreHDFC Bank₹5 lakh croreMay 5, 2020

Is Icici good for Career?

Working with ICICI have both sides, a fun loving with competitive as well as productive work place. Employees get appreciation at the regular time intervals, specially when it needed. Employee Appreciation is a strong part for any employers, it gives boost to both, employee and employers. Good start to your career.

Which salary account is best Icici or HDFC?

In ICICI if you have some extra cash other than salary you can deposit in your ICICI bank salary account. Apart from that you can use mobile banking app which is much better and easier than HDFC bank. ICICI bank provides you many offers for internet banking and mobile app.

How can I convert my Icici account to salary account?

Your ICICI bank savings account can be converted into Salary savings account only if your company has a tie up with ICICI bank for all the employees salary account in ICICI bank, in that case you just need to fill a form with the details of your existing ICICI bank account and submit to your HR team and it will be …

Can I have two salary accounts?

Yes, you can. There is no rule that bars employees from having two salary accounts in two banks. You may very well be working in two different companies at the same time. And both may have banking with two different banks.

How can I convert my HDFC account to salary account?

Download HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App through play store and do not log in to the App.Just click on “. . . More” and then select “Salary Account Services”Click on “Update Employer Details” and.After entering all the details click on Generate OTP. … In order to convert your Savings account into a Salary accou.

Is HDFC zero balance account available?

A zero balance basic savings account can be opened with HDFC Bank which will have certain transactional and operational limits. … HDFC Bank zero balance savings bank account holder is entitled to receive a free passbook, free cash and cheque deposits at all branches and ATMs.

Which bank has best salary account?

The following is the list of best 5 salary accounts available in India:Kotak Platina Salary Account.SBI Corporate Salary Package.HDFC Bank Classic Salary Account.Citibank Suvidha Salary Account.Axis Bank Prime Salary Account.

What are the benefits of HDFC salary account?

What is a Salary Account?Salary AccountSavings AccountZero-balance accountMinimum balance needs to be maintained on monthly/quarterly basisMore benefits to the account holderBenefits offered usually have a fee attachedMain purpose: monthly credit of salaryMain purpose: encouraging savings2 more rows

Can we trust HDFC Bank?

Sure you can trust HDFC. It has been the best performing Bank in the private sector. It has the least NPA among all Banks. … They’re only two more such Banks as categorized by RBI in this category.

What is the best in Icici?

The 4 best ICICI Bank credit cards are: ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card. No Joining Fee-No Annual Fee. … ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card. Joining Fee- Rs. … MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Signature Credit Card. Joining Fee- Rs. … Sapphiro Credit Card.

Why Icici Bank is best?

ICICI Bank is one the largest banks in India. With more than 3000 reviews and a 3.36 rating on JobBuzz, ICICI bank is one employee friendly organisation. … According to the company ratings on Jobuzz, 65% people voted the bank to be the best in terms of salary. About 62% employees like the work-life balance it provides.

How can I convert my saving account to salary account?

You just need to bring a letter from your Salary Disbursing Authority stating that this personnel having personnel number so and so is getting his salary to this account number maintained at your branch of bank. Submit this letter to your home branch and your Savings Bank Account will get converted to a Salary Account.

Can I convert my salary account to zero balance account?

Accounts Topics If the monthly salary is not being credited into your account continuously for 6 months, your salary account will be converted into ‘Regular Salary Account’ as per the standard terms & conditions. Also, you would be unable to convert your existing account to a zero balance account.

What are the benefits of Icici salary account?

The benefits include:Zero balance Salary Account. Zero Balance Salary Account No worries of maintaining minimum balance in the account.Welcome Kit. … My Savings Reward. … International Debit Card. … N-Cash Debit Card. … Money Multiplier. … Internet Banking. … Online Funds Transfer.More items…

What happens if you dont close salary account?

One main criteria of salary account is regular credit of salary. If salary credit stops and there is salary credit for three months and account holder does not close the account, such account gets converted to normal saving account with requirement of minimum monthly average balance as per location.

What is the minimum balance in HDFC salary account?

As already mentioned, the HDFC Bank Regular Salary Account is a zero balance account. In other words, there is no requirement for a minimum balance. Customers holding this salary account are eligible for the free Personal Accident Cover of Rs. 1 lakh.

Can I have 2 HDFC accounts?

You can’t have 2 accounts in the same bank as you will be having only 1 customer id. But you can have 1 single account and 1 joint account in the same bank.

Which salary account is best in HDFC?

Salary Account Benefits & Why to Open it with HDFC BankPremium Salary Account: For select corporates as priority service. … Regular Salary Account: Debit card hero! … Defense Salary Account: Especially made for defense personnel. … Classic Salary Account: Comes with better security features.More items…